Business Process


business process

Our rigid selection process ensures that our clients get the most desired workforce to continue operating their business without any unwanted disruptions. The entire selection and recruitment procedure are handled by us entirely where the team of professional experts take responsibilities in providing you with the best work force as your working culture demands.

Employee Selection

  • Manpower Sourcing
  • Pre –Screening
  • Final interview
  • Medical Check-up includes HIV/AIDS Test, Blood test, Chest X-ray, Urine & Stool Test or any other kinds of examination that might be specially requested by the client.
  • Training, Education & Orientation
  • Follow Up
  • Feedback from client


As a responsible recruitment company, we provide the employees with a conducive working and living conditions. Below are some of the features we offer to our foreign workers :

  • Training
  • Morning Briefing
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare - Panel Clinics & Hospitalization
  • Safety Gear (safety helmet, gloves & boots)




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